As a family of God’s children and disciples of Jesus Christ we meet  during the week, in one another’s homes and at Crossword Connection (11 St James Street), to enjoy and encourage our being in Christ and expressing the good news of Jesus in our daily lives. On Sunday mornings we gather as a family at Hottentots Holland High School to celebrate our unity in Christ Jesus.

We are part of the wider family of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church in South Africa and adhere to the following:

  • The authority of the bible as the word of God in all matters of faith
  • The fallenness and helplessness of sinful man
  • The necessity and sufficiency of the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • The necessity of the new birth through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • The requirement to trust and obey all that Jesus commanded in the power of the Holy Spirit so that we may become like Him as we endeavour to share His plan for the whole of creation