Church Leaders

20140305_124046Ludwig Alberts             


God’s grace in Christ Jesus became clear to me through the preaching of His Word. What was a bit odd about this was the fact that I was the preacher! I was told by my commanding officer in the Marines to preach on Sundays, this forced me to go and read the bible out of fear for looking like a fool on Sundays, and through this investigation, I discovered that I was not a Christian. I always thought that admitting that you have done wrong is what being a Christian is all about, but then discovered God’s grace in Christ for me, that although I am a worse rebel and sinner than what I think I am, in Christ I am more forgiven, loved and accepted that what I can dream or imagine. It’s this grace that compels me to keep studying His Word and to share it with others that they may also come to know and trust Him.

20140305_124155Sean Norman

(CURATE – Youth Pastor)

I grew up in a Christian home and have always known of the Lord from as long as I can remember, my journey and personal relationship with the Lord has been an ongoing experience. I accepted Jesus Christ into my life when I was around the age of 10 but have found that over the years I have grown to know him more intimately. My relationship with the Lord is ever-growing, it comes with the perusing Him, every day there are new discoveries to be made in Him.

Jackie Kelly

(Administrative Secretary)

After a non-Christian upbringing in the UK, I arrived in South Africa, marrying soon after, and being blessed with the gift of our twin boys. However, despite having an almost idyllic life I began to believe that there had to be something more to life and began searching by attending a church and attempting to read The book of Revelation. After a year or so of this searching a cosmetic rep. witnessed to my husband at his work and he also sent me a tract to read until he could speak to me personally. Through this tract, God revealed to me that I was a rebel, trying to live life on my own terms with my own resources. The Lord also showed me that Jesus had stepped in to put me right with Himself so that I could know him personally. Ever since then I have been discovering a deepening sense of the relentless love of Jesus Christ.

Shaun Kelly                  

(COUNCIL MEMBER – Treasurer)

My parents led me to the Lord by the age of 7. They instructed and guided me over the years to truely and wholeheartedly believe that Jesus Christ is the absolute Lord of my life. I have learned to trust in Him in all that I have/do/think. (Even though I fail in always achieving this, I do not fail in trusting Him.) I have walked with the Lord for 30 years. It has and continues to be a fantastic life led by Him. May our Awesome God continue to pour His mighty grace into your life.

20150830_110403_resizedJJ van Zyl

(COUNCIL MEMBER – Music Ministry & Facilities)

I have been fortunate to grow up in a home with parents that introduced me to the person of Jesus from an early age. It was however not until my young adult life that I made a personal commitment to give my life to Jesus. Now I guess I make that commitment daily, by his grace, as He changes me to be more like Him. I am truly blessed!

FullSizeRenderCoreen Vlok

(COUNCIL MEMBER – Women’s Ministry)

As a young adult, I considered myself a Christian, since at the age of 12 I gave my life to Jesus. During my young adult life, I chose to ignore His grace – and lived life my way. (I still called myself a Christian because I confessed my sin and read the Bible). At the age of 32, my life was as good as it gets and personally, I was in a ‘happy, busy space’ so to speak but somehow something was missing. During this stage, two things happened that challenged me to rethink my life. A friend confronted me with the reality of the Person of Jesus and I started reading an English Bible. For some reason it was as if I read it for the first time and, slowly ‘line upon line – here a little there a little’ I realised my actual situation – a lost sinner, accusing God of all the bad. When the ‘missing something’ came into my life it turned out to be a missing Somebody – by grace, through faith, God gave me His Spirit. Now 20 years later the Bible, that living something, reads me as His child.

Leon de Klerk

(COUNCIL MEMBER – Minister’s  Warden)

As a child, I grew up in a Christian home. In high school my mom one day asked if I did Bible study and prayed on my own apart from when our family did Bible study together. At first, I was not very interested and thought that it was probably not necessary. But in the end, I decided to do that and started to read the Word and pray in my room. Doing that changed my relationship with God. I started to get to know Him personally. As I continued my walk with God I realised that there are lots of ups and downs and when God brings us to a new understanding of Himself it might feel as if you are getting to know Him for the first time. He continually wants to take us deeper into the core of Himself in new ways. The process of knowledge moving from the head to the heart so that He becomes more real is ongoing. most of the time that happens through the difficult patches in our lives. That is also why He says we have been saved, are being saved and will be saved. It is a continual process of repentance and walking with Him. I also came to realise that this is impossible to do on your own, we need Christian brothers and sisters in community. God is always good and great and will finish His work in us.

Kathy Harris


I was blessed to grow up in a family where Christian values were respected, although the assumption was that we were, therefore, all Christians. It wasn’t until I was a young adult that I came to realize that I had to make a decision for myself and choose Jesus as my Lord and put him above all others. Through different circumstances and seasons of life, knowing of his love and care for me has been the one factor that is unchanging and doesn’t disappoint, and I have been so grateful to be part of his family, and to have had the opportunities for fellowship, growth, and challenge that being around his people affords me. My daily challenge now is to see everything through the lens of the gospel and to try to understand how that is able to modify my choices to better reflect the nature of our wonderful God to the world.

Pierre Montgomery

(COUNCIL MEMBER – People’s Warden)

I grew up in a Christian home but dazedly just went through the motions of Church/Sunday school attendance etc. As a young man life was exciting and I denied the Lord many times with my actions, sayings and more. By His grace, He led me back to Himself and His Word when I got married and had to consider marriage and raising our own children. Since then it’s been an ever-deepening walk with Him in discovering my own loveless heart and an ever-revealing and growing admiration, gratitude, trusting-in and thankfulness for Jesus in bringing salvation to the world as well as my own heart. May the Spirit help me/us when I don’t believe that He is all I need.